Carbon Steel Pipes for Fuel Oil piping systems

Shanghai Metal Corporation

System Fuel Oil

Fuel oil piping systems transport fuel oil from holding tanks to heating devices, where it is atomized and burned for heating.

Fuel oil is a liquid byproduct of crude oil, which is used for energy, especially in regard to heating. When petroleum is refined, there are two main categories under which it is classified. One is distillate oils, which includes diesel. The other is residual oils, which includes products like kerosene. Different types of fuel oil are classified under both categories. Distillate fuel oil is the type generally used for heating. Fuel oil is used in northern states where natural gas and propane are not available.

Benefit of Material to Systems Application

Carbon steel is a popular material used for fuel oil applications and is valued for its durability and reliability. It is common, readily available and very familiar to plumbers and pipefitters. Because fuel oil is…

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