Wear-resistant Steel Plate

High strength low alloy wear resistant steel is high quality special steel material; it is irreplaceable part of mining machinery, engineering machinery, cement and metallurgical industry. 

steel plate

Features of Wear-resistant Steel:

– High abrasion performance 
– Corrosion resistance 
– Endure high temperature 
– Hardfacing machine produced

Applications of Wear-resistant Steel:

– Wearing parts for mining machines, loading machines
– Construction machines and platform structure Bucket and containers
– Cutting edges for earth moving machines and engineering machines


Q&A of Wear-resistant Steel:

– What is the price advantages of our steel plates? 
Wear resistant steel plate is the newest high quality wear resistant plate in China. The base layer is Q235 steel metal plate and it is lined with chrome carbide alloy materials. 
– Why can appear spatters and cracks on wear steel surface? 
1. Formation: release of welding stress, different alloy contraction ratio during welding process, and is the remarkable characteristic of wear resistant steel plate.
2. Crack specification: an interval of 10-15 mm will have a dense transverse crack. 
– Did spatters and cracks directly influences its service quality?
Without cracks on the high chromium carbide alloy plate surface, wear resistance is out of the question

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Elle T. // SMC Editor


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