Carbon Steel Pumps

RadTech, the Association for UV and EB Technologies has recently awarded the company IDEX for an innovative product they have created using Carbon Steel. 

IDEX, headquartered in Illinois, is a global multi-national manufacturer leader serving high growth specialized markets in fluidics. The company manufactures carbon steel pumps and was seeking a coating that can cure rapidly, withstand the elements, achieve anti-corrosion, strong adhesion, and other specialty mechanical properties. IDEX found just a coating with UV technology. A study performed by Idex engineers states: “Current State: 12,000 seconds or 3.3 hours before the parts can be packed to ship out to customers. Future State [with UV]: 1,200 seconds or 0.33 hours per piece with UV Paint Technology.” Idex will achieve a 90% time savings without sacrificing performance.


This emerging technology will strengthen the carbon steel pumps and improve their efficiency and effectiveness. The new coating will also significantly reduce manufacturing time which will allow a quicker service and delivery to the customer. 


Elle T. // SMC Editor

CIte: RadTech PR Web


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