Redevelopment of Honeysuckle, Newcastle – Australia

The coastal town of Newcastle in Australia has undergone some major redevelopment works over the last two decades in the Lee Wharf area, Honeysuckle. For most of the 20th century Honeysuckle was dominated by railway workshops, wool stores, cargo sheds and warehouses. Newcastle is the second most populated city in NSW and the second oldest in Australia. As the world’s largest coal export port, each year over 3,000 shipping movements occur making Newcastle Harbour a very busy and interesting harbor to watch.

Newcastle Compare  newcastleeeeeeeeeee

In 1992 the NSW State government funded $100 million for the Honeysuckle Development Corporation to set about working in partnership with the local community to transform and redevelop the surplus government land situated on the harbor front.  The main aim of the project was to create a quality residential, commercial and recreational waterfront area and as a result of its completion advancement has occurred in lifestyle, economic and environmental benefits for the city.


The Honeysuckle redevelopment is an important part of Newcastle’s transformation from a coal mining and steel producing town into a rejuvenated city full of opportunity. Developments are continuing sites still up for sale and the University of Newcastle building a new Business campus in nearby Hunter St worth over $95 million. The Honeysuckle area has brought culture, life and growth into the area boosting the prestige of Newcastle and reenergising Novocastrian residents.

NeW Space - Hunter Street West 380x380 

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