Reasons to use Carbon Steel

carbon steel strip

Cars, ships, buildings, infrastructure, tools, machines and appliances are all made from steel. The main 3 reasons why steel is the most common material used to make these products is outlined below:

1. Safe and Durable

Steel is used because it is durable and a safe material to use that will not rot or become infested with pests like termites. Steel also doesn’t need to be treated with preservatives, pesticides or glue so it is safe to work with. Steel is also non-combustible which makes it harder for fire to spread around a structure. Strong, steady steel frames are more resistant to natural disasters such as tornado’s, hurricanes and earthquakes. Carbon steel pipe are especially highly resistant to shock and vibration allowing them to be practically unbreakable in water pipes.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Not only is using steel pipes safer for people but it is also safer for the environment. Steel is recyclable which makes it possible to reuse old steel waste to make new products. Steel can be recycled over and over without losing any strength which is one of its best qualities. The production of steel is greener now than ever before with over half the world’s steel produced in electric plants that use recycled scraps and generate no CO2 emissions.

3. Cost-Effective

Carbon steel pipes can be made thinner than pipes made with other materials making them cheaper. The unmatched strength of steel piping increases longevity and reduces the occurrence of replacing or making repairs to the pipes which ultimately keep maintenance and replacement costs very low. Cost effectiveness also comes from their great versatility in being able to make pipes in many dimensions, curved or with joints, valves and other fittings.


Cite: Tim W.

Elle T. // Editor SMC


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