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Frank Stella on the Roof

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“Frank Stella on the Roof” atop the Metropolitan Museum of Art features two large sculptures, a mammoth piece titled “Chinese Pavilion” and two smaller sculptures. After 11 tense days of preparations, the exhibition, which runs through Oct. 28, opened Tuesday in the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden. A section of stainless steel tubing from the sculpture “adjoeman” (2004) is lowered slowly toward the northern end of the roof garden.

[02stella_slide2.jpg]Mr. Stella’s workers, who traveled from his studio in upstate New York, to assemble the artworks, worked on welding and bolting the looping pieces of “adjoeman,” fashioned from 3,100 pounds of stainless steel and carbon. Given that they helped the artist create it and had recently dismantled it for transport, they were familiar with every nook and cranny. The work’s title is translated as “showing off” or “decorative” in Balinese, the museum.

The 2,000-pound carbon-and-stainless-steel sculpture “memantra” (2005). According…

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    也是一种氧化铁的矿石,主要成份为Fe2O3,呈暗红色,比重大约为5.26,含Fe70%,O 30%,是最主要的铁矿石。由其本身结构状况的不同又可分成很多类别,如赤色赤铁矿、镜铁矿、云母铁矿、粘土质赤铁等。


褐铁矿    这是含有氢氧化铁的矿石。它是针铁矿  HFeO2和鳞铁矿FeO(OH)两种不同结构矿石的统称,呈现土黄或棕色,含有Fe约62%,O 27%,H2O 11%,多半是附存在其它铁矿石之中。


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U.S. Sets Duties on Korean Steel

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The Obama administration imposed duties on steel pipe from South Korea and eight other nations in a victory for U.S. Steel Corp. (X) and the United Steelworkers union, which said they were hurt by unfair competition from overseas. U.S. Steel rose 3.2 percent in New York trading.

The U.S. Commerce Department set duties from 9.89 percent to 15.75 percent on Korean pipe, which is used in oil drilling, according to a fact sheet released today by the agency. Last year, pipe worth $818 million was exported to the U.S. from South Korea. Duties ranging from 2.05 percent to 118.32 percent also were imposed on pipe from the other nations, which sent $722 million worth of pipe to the U.S. last year.

“We applaud their decision to prevent further gamesmanship of our laws and to secure our nation’s economy,” U.S. Steel Chief Executive Officer Mario Longhi said today in a statement.

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Carbon fiber wheels propel Tour de France winner

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Hexcel Composites had a helping hand in the efforts of Vincenzo Nibali during his winning ride in the 2014 Tour de France. The rider’s bike wheels were manufactured using Hexcel’s carbon fiber composites. 

Lightweight carbon fiber bicycle wheels made light work of the Tour de France.

The high performance wheel weighs only 1,000 grams per pair thanks to the low density of carbon fiber in the prepreg that assures a very accurate weight distribution and provides a very light rim with good rotation inertia. Very high levels of stiffness are achieved, enhancing performance and the mechanical properties of the UD carbon prepreg make it possible to use only 12 spokes for both the front and rear wheels, for a unique aerodynamic design.

Source: Plastics Today

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Traditional Business Norm Still Powerful In Digital Age

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Business Card1

Social Media Era

In the era of social media and interconnectivity of people through smartphones, it is easy to think you are always connected or can easily reach others through the internet. However, a website address or a person’s LinkedIn account is easily lost in translation if a person does not have something tangible to remind them to reconnect after the meeting. Regardless of the all technology in everyday life, there is still a need for adding a personal touch, such as a business card, to your networking strategy.

In today’s day and age many professionals are bombarded with emails and many are left unread.  Business cards can be a creative and tangible reminder of the connection created.  So why not make your brand stand out with a premium stainless steel business card? When meeting in person, networking with business cards is an affordable approach to reconnecting in the future…

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China Coal Prices

Chinese coal prices are now close to their bottom after a long decline brought about by slowing demand and excess supply, an executive with a leading Chinese coal firm said.”I think prices are bottoming out and are unlikely to fall a lot more given the sector-wide losses and rising costs,” said Gong Qingchao, head of sales and executive director with the China Coal Group, China’s second-biggest state coal producer.Speaking at an industry conference, Gong said about a third of China’s coal miners were making losses in 2013, and a further fall in prices this year has meant that an estimated 80 percent of the total are in the red.Tumbling prices, caused by weaker demand due to slowing growth in China and a flood of cheaper imports, have forced many smaller miners out of business, while a slew of majors, including Shenhua Energy and Yanzhou Coal , reported losses for their 2013 results.This week, the benchmark Bohai Bay Steam Coal Index price rose 1 yuan to 531 per tonne after falling for 11 consecutive weeks.

Source: Reuters

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